Wonderful speaking club!


Tania organized meeting of her students 3 days ago and I would like to tell you about this.

Firstly, I would like to go so far as to say that if you had gone on this reception you would have become acquainted with funny people and known many interesting things.  
We gathered in nice café on Marata Street. Honestly, it isn’t usually café, it intend for some business meeting. One of advantages of this place is free tea, coffee and biscuits for everyone.
Tania prepared many significant games and tasks. At the beginning of conference we introduced yourself and after that we discussed associations which comes to our mind about our name. Then we should write a poetry using these associations. The truth is that at the beginning it was seemed really impossible, nevertheless everyone wrote amazing poems. For example, this is mine:

                   Nice, nice, nice,

                   I might be like ice.

                   Sometimes I’m quite intelligent

                   And everyday I’m elegant.

Moreover we played in awesome game – Alias. We parted on a 3 teams and we have to describe as many words as we can during 1 minute. There were cards with words, which we should explain. It was extremely hilarious and we laughed very loud. After this game we communicated as if we met at least 1 year!

At the end of our meeting we watched pretty video about different pleasant moments in life, for instance wake up with people you love or stand in the rain without umbrella and also watch the sunset. 

And as usually we covered wonderful idiom:”I want to say yes to (+ gerund)” and of course we trained this phrase. 

In conclusion I really want to say yes to organizing these fabulous meetings and cool speaking clubs.

Nina =)


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